Shop Update -

8pm Tonight (7 Oct)

I’m releasing stock of my shroomies and Sproutlings (and a few other bits) tonight.

I also have a pre-order option available.

More items will be added soon.

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Your Frequently Asked Questions:

Questions Answered Frosty Feather Fae

Thank you all for your kind messages of support and for your orders

I am receiving hundreds of messages asking where my work can be purchased from and whether I’m taking any orders. I would love to reply to each of you, but i also want to make sure all your questions have been answered as quickly as possible.
As many of the questions are the same I thought i’d post my answers here:

Are my creatures for sale:

Yes! I have a few of the figures left, that were shown on The Wonderful World of Crafting (Channel 5, October 2019), and they will be added to my website store shortly.

Once these are gone, you will be able to pre-order some characters

I am adding current pieces to my website now, for release later today (07 Oct 2019)

I am also creating pre-order listings, so that you can order your own Sproutlings, Golden Sluggets (Baby Shroomies may follow later), to arrive before Christmas

I will then need a few weeks to create each order (as winter approaches these little guys like to bury themselves down into the ground to keep warm, so they can sometimes take a little while to find, harvest and wrap up snug for re-homing)

Dragon Books and Baby Dragons will be available later, and will be added to my store as they become available.

I am considering a pre-order option for these too, once I have set up the order listings for my other creatures.


Workshops are on hold for a short time, but I hope to run some more in the near future (I will post all updates on my website and social media platforms)


Commission requests are on hold for the time being until my current orders have been completed.

Once I re-open commission spaces, I will make an announcement on my website and social media platforms.



Heather Robertson