Sept 07, 2018 - Tip of the month: How to make clay go further

Here is a copy of my Top Tip of the Month Article I wrote for the British Polymer Clay Guild‘s August 2018 POLYNEWS Newsletter….

How to make your clay go a little further

I like to sculpt larger sculptures, but this does use up a lot of clay, even when using a foil armature or covering a box or jar.

When I first started sculpting larger pieces, I started by using Super Sculpey (flesh tone) as I could buy this in large 8lb (3.6kg) boxes, which was much more cost effective than buying small or large blocks of Premo or Fimo, however I found that it was often too soft for the level of detail I required (especially in warmer weather), and wasn’t as strong as I would’ve liked after baking.

I learned that by mixing Super Sculpey and Super Sculpey Firm together (50/50 mix) I had a lovely strong and medium blend of clay. Not too hard and not too soft.

This also works well with Premo and Fimo Professional clays, and I often mix Super Sculpey with either black, burnt umber, red or green Premo clay.

The process of combining the two clays evenly can take a lot of time, a job which is made a thousand times easier and a lot faster with a motorised pasta machine, but well worth the effort.

What used to take me a day (and a lot of arm and shoulder ache) when mixing manually, now takes me a morning.

Happy claying.